Stay on track on your corporate goals
and leave the F&B services to us!

All photos are taken at Medtronic Asia Pacific

Versatility and flexibility are what defines Smorgasbord.

Apart from providing barista services, we can cater lunch from our counterparts for your employees even if cooking is not allowed in your workplace. We can inject healthier choices into our cafe selections which include fruits, juices, yoghurt, salads etc.

We make sure your pantries are filled up to fuel productivity in your workforce.

Enjoy a hassle-free experience and leave your pantry to us.

Featuring Liyana and Ying Ling, Pantry Team

Sentiments from our customers:

The staff have been really helpful and stocks up the pantry to our likings!

I like that the baristas remember my coffee order when I’m in the office.

Every day I look forward to having fresh juices. I like them to refresh my exhausted mind during the work.

Love the friendly baristas! Really enjoy the number of choices, and M cafe is something I really miss while working from home. Thanks for your hard work!!